Most mobility manufacturers recomend a six month service interval on their products whether it be hand controls, transfer seats, wheel chair lifts, or van/truck conversions. Our factory certified technicians work hard to keep your equipment performing at their fullest potential, all while maintaining your warranty status. Contact us today to setup your service appontment. 

Is It Time To Service Your Mobility Van?



You have probably had your oil changed recently and the tires checked. A tune-up may be on the schedule. The wheelchair or scooter is ready to go. You are all set, right? But wait… when is the last time you had your adaptive and/or accessible equipment serviced? You know, the ramp or lift, the power kneel, etc. Those need routine wheelchair van service as well.


You should have your wheelchair van or handicap van serviced every six months by a qualified professional mobility professional, but to keep the warranties intact, every piece of equipment requires actual maintenance at different times. All equipment needs to be inspected for damage, alignment and proper operation. Electrical wiring checks includes checking for frayed wires and loose connections. It all needs to be cleaned, adjusted and lubricated.


If you can’t find your warranty that lists the schedule for each piece of equipment, check with a mobility specialist to find out the specific warranty requirements for your equipment.


To Keep Equipment Running Smoothly, A Certified Professional Inspects,
Adjusts And Lubricates The Following:

  • Ramp or lift hinges

  • Power doors or automatic ramp doors

  • Power kneel

  • Batteries for remotes


Van Equipment To-Do List:

  • Keep the inside clean so leaves, debris and dust don’t inhibit the smooth operation of all adaptive equipment.

  • Vacuum the bottom door track of your van every few weeks so leaves and debris don’t build up. Debris in the bottom track will cause the door motor to work harder and even weaken or burn out prematurely. Ensure drain holes are also free of debris.

  • QAP & NMEDA Authorized to perform all service & modifications.


Regular maintenance on the ramp or lift is critical to avoid costly repairs. Keep those dates by writing them on your calendar so you don’t forget. Your vehicle will last longer and be worth more at trade-in time.


This mobility safety update has been brought to you by NMEDA – the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.

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